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AbundaScents products for a DARN GOOD Cause is our way of giving back and supporting these wonderful organizations. We are devoted to making the world a better place for others and for our children.
50% of the sales of these items will be donated to the charity that each represents.
Relay for Life†Ė American Cancer Society
We have been involved with Relay for Life for many years now. It is a cause that is very important to us as we have lost several friends and family members to this monstrous disease. We didnít want to support the American Cancer Society only during our Teamís regular fundraising times, but all year round. Letís face it, cancer effects people year roundÖso help us fight it year round.
Each candle or bear will be colored Relay for Lifeís signature purple color, bears also have a ribbon of hope around their neck. The label is specially designed to thank you for your support in fighting cancer.


Race for the Cure - Susan G Komen For the Cure
This is a new charity for AbundaScents. We were involved in a fundraiser for a team of wonderful ladies that participated in the Race for the Cure in 2008. After they approached our company, we looked into the organization behind the walks and were VERY impressed. It is a huge network of millions of survivors and activists that are fighting for a cure to breast cancer.

Each candle or bear will be colored the signature pink color, bears†have a ribbon of hope around his neck. The label is specially designed to thank you for your support in fighting breast cancer.

Stuffed animal soaked in our premium scented wax. Place anywhere you want to add fragrance (bathroom, child's room, den) but don't want a burning candle. Also makes a nice gift for that special someone going off to college or for your loved one in assisted living. Lasts several months and makes an attractive addition to any room. Simple care and refreshing instructions are included.


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