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Fire Starters
#PFS. Fire Starters

Fire Starters

If you own a fireplace or need to light a campfire/bonfires, then AbundaScents fire starters are just what you are looking for.

Our high performance fire starters light quickly and easily and get your fire going in under 5 minutes.


THESE ARE NOT CANDLES! Please exercise all fire precautions when using these. Never, ever, under any circumstances burn these outside of the fireplace or campfire, or use to start any fire that will be used for food preparation. Check your owner’s manual before burning in your wood stove. Never use with gasoline or other flammable liquids. Keep away from reach of children.

AbundaScents fire starters are made with shaved wood chips and a food grade wax. To use, loosen an edge of the paper liner, place between logs and light paper. Wax will flare up enough to ignite the logs and then the wax will be consumed by the fire.

Scented with our own potpourri blend available exclusively in our fire starters.

$6.00 per pack



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