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Hand Dipped Incense Sticks

Incense is not just for the Hippy at Heart anymore!


We have your traditional incense scents like Dragons Blood and Nag Champa but we also have some not so traditional like Blueberry Muffin! You may find it hard to choose from our selection of fragrances!


All of our incense is hand-dipped by us. We use high quality ingredients to ensure you get a product that is top quality and long lasting. Our sticks burn a little over an hour each.

Wondering how to use incense sticks properly? First it is very important that you light your stick correctly. Firmly grasp the narrow end of the wood stick. Light the fragranced end of the stick, holding the flame there until the tip becomes red and has a small flame. Gently blow on the tip of the stick extinguishing the flame and releasing the steady stream of aroma smoke. Now your stick is lit properly and slowly burning.


You can place your lit stick in your favorite holder (away from anything flammable) and enjoy the abundant aroma of our hand dipped incense.


PLEASE NOTE ~ Ordering incense adds a minimum of 7 days to your order process.  It takes that long to properly soak and dry your incense.


$2.50 per 20 11 inch sticks