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* Hand Poured Candles *

Our candles are a pleasing collection of scents that will fill your home with fragrance. Each candle is individually hand poured with care and pride, never mass-produced. We use only the highest quality wax blend and our wicks are lead free. You can count on a long, clean burning candle every time.

Hand poured candles are better than machine poured, simply because businesses that produce machine poured (or mass produced) candles are interested in quantity not quality. We are only interested in quality. We make sure that each candle we sell is the highest quality candle that can be produced.  No cutting corners here!  Here are some more reasons:

* Most mass produced candles are often dipped in scent, which means that the core of the candle is NOT scented, only the outside. So you get a candle that will not fill a room with scent, only smells good in the store. AbudasScents candles are scent integrated, so while the candle burns down it will release more scent into the air. Making the entire candle smell just as good from the first burn to when there is only 1/2" of wax left.

* Mass produced candles use the cheapest wax available on the market, while we have researched and tested each wax that we use to make sure that the wax will burn long and clean. We use high quality grade paraffin and through our own testing it has proven to give positive results time and time again.

* Most mass-produced candles use the standard wicking associated with their particular wax, meaning that they do not tailor the wick to a particular result achieved by different scents/colorants/applications. We use quality wicking and through extensive testing have tailored each wick to the particular candle we are pouring.

* Since we hand pour our candles, each one receives thorough inspection to make sure that there are smooth tops, have no air bubbles, sink holes, etc. that will interfere with the burning of that candle. The result is that each candle we produce and sell will burn heads and tails above a mass produced candle.


Basically, we use tender loving care and add it to each and every candle we pour. We are so confident our customers will agree that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the quality of our products.


Looking for triple scented candles? Don't waste your time trying to figure out that nonsense. Wax can only hold so much fragrance oil much like a sponge. What happens to a sponge when it is saturated with water? Exactly, it leaks or in the case of candles it seeps. Candles that seep excess fragrance oils are dangerous and pose an extreme fire hazard. AbundaScents uses the maximum amount of our premium fragrance allowed while maintaining a safe burning candle.

We offer an extensive selection of candles and fragrances. An extremely beautiful and fragrant candle is always a nice addition to any decor! Click here for scent descriptions.

AbundaScents gives you a fully customizable shopping experience. You can "build" the perfect candle to match your decor or suit your tastes. You can choose the color and if you want it with or without a wick (for use on a candle warmer). Makes giving a personal gift even easier!

Please visit our candle care page for safety and tips to maximize your candle burning enjoyment.