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* Candle Parties *

Do you like earning FREE products?  How about wonderfully scented, hand poured candles made with care and pride?  How about doing it from the comfort of your own home without having to clean the house, put out a spread of food and then clean up everything afterwards?  Why not host an AbundaScents Candle Company online party?  As the hostess you earn wonderful incentives and free products. Your guests will get YUMMY scented candles and home fragrance items delivered right to their door so there is no sorting of orders and trying to get everything to your guests.

 The process is very simple.

1) Email us with the dates you want to run your party.   Typically we recommend 7-10 days for the duration of the party.

2) We will send you a PDF invitation you can email to all your family, friends and co-workers.  We will also send you a JPEG of the invite so you can post it on your Facebook wall for more party exposure.


3)  Guests will shop at our website,, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They place their order through our site with one tiny extra step.  GUESTS MUST PUT THE NAME OF THE HOST/HOSTESS IN THE COMMENT BOX AT TIME OF CHECK OUT.  Otherwise we will have no way of knowing it is part of a candle party.


4)  A copy of every order placed under your party will be emailed to you.


5)  Each party guest will get a free gift with their order.


6)  You receive 20% of your total sales at the close of the party (less any sales tax or shipping charges) in FREE merchandise.  PLUS, your order shops FREE!  The amount of free merchandise is totally up to you.  The more people you have "attend" the more you earn!


7)  Rewards must be used in a single order and are not transferable. We will send you a discount code that will deduct your rewards amount from your order.  If you order more than what your rewards total, you simply pay the balance.


8)  All orders ship within 5 business days (excluding all legal US holidays) after the close of your party.


9)  We only ship to the Continental US so please keep that in mind when inviting your guests.


That is all there is to it!   Click on the CONTACT BUTTON (second from the left on the top of the page) and email us to get started!