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* About AbundaScents Candle Company *

AbundaScents is a family owned and operated business located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. We are a home based candle and bath business dedicated to making quality products that are affordable AND of high quality.

Jenn has always enjoyed being creative. Making things that are useful, decorative and enjoyed by others is something she takes great pride in. She started out over 17 years ago making a wide variety of country and woodcrafts. Anything from signs to painted jars to country dolls.

Then one day she came across a candle making kit and decided to purchase it. There was never a thought of making candles and selling them, she only wanted to make them for her own personal use. But after making just a few candles she was hooked!

We slowly purchased more supplies and tested, tested and tested some more (for well over 8 months). Once we had perfected a formula we were proud of, we began selling them at craft shows and a local farmers market in 1999. Since then our business has been embraced by MANY wonderful customers and has boomed.

In 2002 AbundaScents launched our *webstore* as just another way for us to share our products with existing and new customers.

2008 found us in desperate need for more room in our workshop to accommodate our ever growing product line. So we sold our home and moved to a larger one with a separate workshop dedicated just to our business.

2014 will once again be a big change kind of year.  This Fall we will say goodbye to the farmer market and hello to larger craft fairs.   We have signed up for some of the area's largest, most popular juried craft fairs.  We will also be traveling to other areas to introduce our wonderful products to different communities.  Keep an eye on our craft fair page and friend us on Facebook so you know when we will be in your area!

We offer a wide variety of goodies to help you create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere all around you. With lots of different and unique candle scents in a wide-variety of items to choose from there is sure to be something for everyone. We strive to provide our customers with the most fragrant products while maintaining a high customer satisfaction.